About Us

Startup Kenya Youth (SKY) Trust is the brainchild of Harry Karanja, an entrepreneur living in Nairobi. Founded in 2013 SKY Trust is to act as a catalyst to entrepreneurship among people under the age of thirty. 

Harry started his first business when he was fifteen, retailing bread and biscuits to his fellow students at a 50% margin. Although the business only ran for a month, the thrill and excitement that making money had on him would remain through out his later high school years and college years. A few short years later at the age of 21 he co-founded SoftLaw, a pioneering legal publishing firm that also made him a millionaire before he graduated. 

SoftLaw's success helped Harry found Genius Executive Centre in 2005 a commercial business incubator that revolutionized how businesses access office space in Nairobi CBD. With GEC Harry discovered his love for starting and helping young entrepreneurs establish their businesses, which directly led to the founding of SKY Trust.

SKY Trust assists young entrepreneurs through financial support, management consultancy, office facilities, business process outsourcing. mentorship and coaching. It seeks out inspirational stories of young entrepreneurs to motivate other potential young entrepreneurs and galvanize an entrepreneurship movement in Kenya.


Anonymous said...

how do i get into contact with SKY? Reach on jacobngwenyi@gmail.com

Dennis L said...

Good morning. I am calling from http://portfolio.co.ke/, a product of Circle Digital. We wanted to ask if you would kindly run a story on our new website, which launches on Monday October 7th, 2013. We want to create some hype and thought that you might be interested in doing a short piece. Feel free to ask us anything you might want to know. Think of it as free content for your site. Good day.