Monday, May 27, 2013

More young people are idle than ever before. This answer those who have been wondering aloud how bases such as outside Hilton hotel are sometimes packed to capacity with humanity (no, most of the people are not picnicking). Just walk the streets of Nairobi, and you will find idlers  outside offices, hotels, stalls and restaurants. 

One thing that sticks in my mind is mainly the psychological effects of youth unemployment. We all know how frustrating and boring it is to be idle. Not only does it crush your self esteem, you end up feeling worthless and uninspired. While young people go to school, finish and expect to join the job market in order to meet  their obligations and expectations towards society, they later on discovered how without a job how unforgiving society can be. After a long period of absentee paychecks and diminished savings, a deterioration of the individual begins at the sociological and psychological levels. 

Society views unemployment as a sign of failure, and rejects those who cannot meet the expectations placed on them. Sadly in most of our African cultures children are viewed as assets expected to give back after much investment in them. It is sociologically believed that stress, anxiety and depression shown by the unemployed youth is a result of pressure brought about by social expectations. These unmet social expectations then cast a dark shadow over any silver lining that might be potential hope. The consequences include increased risk of alienation, lack of financial resources, criminality, future exclusion from the labor market and ultimately, suicides or accidents. 

Our work here at SKY TRUST is firmly rooted at engaging young people who feel marginalized and excluded (not limited to them though) by ensuring that we can reach out to the youth in our city and successfully assist them in building a sustainable lifestyle for themselves, regardless of their background, personal aspirations or academic ability. We engage youth in day to day activities and community development initiatives aimed at helping them improve their skills.

It is suffice to say that no man is an island. We all have an affinity and responsibility to help each other grow.  The sooner society embraces this fact then the more equipped it will be in terms of providing tailored support to help those young people who are desperate for work.

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