Friday, May 17, 2013

About production business

Its a beautiful Friday morning this side of Africa, the sun is out, weather not as gloomy as it has been the past days. What does that all have to do with this post? Everything.... especially that's its a great day to be alive and getting something going that is helping in making other peoples lives better.

While alive (work with me), I recently came across a story about young people now engaging in business deals with prominent business people in order to attain state contracts. How it  works, a prominent dealer, targets a disadvantage young entrepreneur, with the belief that he/she will not be found out because they lack the scent of "obviousness" and the capability to exploit the procurement process, making it quite easy for them to be granted the contract. Why do they do so? Because they are rules that govern the procurement procedure in Kenya, so that dishonest business people don't benefit all the time.

So sponsoring young less fortunate people to get the job done is the trick of the day.  Mine is not to point a finger, but to just highlight that the problem here is mostly likely after all is said and done the dealer benefits (getting preferential treatment) while the disadvantage youth remain in the same state of poverty. Regardless of a few shillings made, the problem is still not solve. Needless to say, that's why organisations like SKY TRUST are created, to provide economic possibilities  for young people in Kenya so that they can benefit positively.

Talking of benefiting, SKY TRUST is up to some amazing and inspiring stuff. I gather, there is a "TV show, production in the works. About? All I can write for now is cameras, lights, contestants, action and prizes are involved, with one lucky winner taking it all. Pictures coming soon!!

Creating Economic Possibilities

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