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Who is Eva? BPO for small businesses? Really?

In the January of 2002 a young man found himself battling against frustration and despair as he saw his barely four month old company go up in smoke. It was his first real business venture and he had sunk all of his meagre savings into it, only to find himself unable to convert his enthusiasm into sales.

Four months without a single sale he only had well worn shoes to show for his effort.

When he started the business, he thought he had it figured all out. He had bought a mobile phone and a decent second-hand computer and sublet a small office in town. He listed down 500 prospects, wrote an introduction letter, and proceeded to call and visit the prospects. Four months and several disappointing calls and visits later, he had only managed to see a handful of prospects and none were yet to give him any business. Meanwhile his landlord was on his back asking for rent and he had run out of money to make telephone calls. He had no option but to close down his fledgling business.

For the next three months, his business remained closed as he worked on raising more capital. Finally decided to get a job in order to raise some money; so he brushed up his CV and went job hunting. Within a short time he was lucky to land himself a job as a techie to one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the town. He knew he would learn a lot from working for the Boss, but he never knew how much until the day he met her.

From the first day he met Stella he knew he was in love. But it was not the love that a young man feels for a woman, but a love of something so efficient it was a joy to behold. Stella, an executive secretary with over twenty-five years experience, knew her job very well. She worked as the personal assistant to the Boss, but seemed to help his business in so many other ways.

The young man’s job had him working a lot with Stella and he had time to observe the effective manner she undertook her job. He marveled at how she seemed so confident and organized in her tasks. She seemed to know everything about the business, even more than the Boss.

Stella handled the Boss’ diary, she spoke to his customers and suppliers, checked and responded to his emails, and generally kept his office running smoothly. Stella seemed to juggle all these tasks with ease and never lost her professionalism.

The young man realized that a large part of the Boss’ success could be attributed to Stella. Without Stella the Boss might have been just like the young man was those long four months. The young man kept this lesson, and after saving for a few more months he left the job to go back to business and use the knowledge and skills he’d picked up.

With time, the young man got his own “Stella” and just like the Boss before him his business flourished under the efficient stewardship of the office by his “Stella”. Elated by how well this worked for him, he decided he would share “Stella” with all other entrepreneurs whose great business ideas failed to take-off as they got swamped by the routine day-to-day operations of a business.

At Business Made Simple we have taken all the good things that made “Stella” so effective and put them into Eva. But we haven’t stopped there; Eva is not a single person but a team of people with a diverse set of business and technical skills guided by a strong sales strategy that we help you develop. Eva is a super-secretary, a one stop shop for all your administrative human resource requirements.

Benefits of Eva.

As a small business owner working with limited resources and a tight budget it is critical to only use products and services that positively contribute to your bottom line. Hiring Eva, can provide several benefits to your business.

It is estimated that entrepreneurs running small businesses spend upto 40% of their time undertaking routine admin tasks. This could be checking or writing emails, setting appointments, doing research, generating new sales leads or looking after existing customers. While all these tasks are important, they do not positively contribute to the bottom line.

Save Times allowing you to do what you’re good at.
If you hire Eva to handle these and other routine tasks you will immediately notice the fantastic amount of your time you free up; and we all know time = money especially with small businesses.With the freed up time, you can concentrate on what you’re good at in the business, whether it is making architectural drawings, farming tomatoes, or taking photographs. With more time on your hands, this can equal more money and a higher return on investment on your time. The free time also allows you to take time off and spend it with your friends and family; the business should not be your life.

Save on Labour Costs
Hiring Eva allows you to benefit tremendously from the high quality skills Eva provides as a team of professionals with an unbelievably low price. With the starting KShs. 5,900 package per month, you get access to a professional web designer, a business consultant with 10 years experience, a personal assistant, a sales executive, a telemarketer, and an internet marketer. Eva helps keep your labour costs low while providing high value human resources.

Save on Office Equipment Costs
With Eva, you do not need to purchase office equipment, hire office space, or pay for utilities like telephone and internet. All these facilities are included in the price you pay for Eva. In fact, if your job is mainly service based you can even work from home! Eva saves you tens of thousands of shillings a month you’d otherwise have to pay on this equipment.

Boost your Revenue
Research has shown that with an effective telemarketing and internet marketing campaign, you can boost your revenues by more than 150%. What are you waiting for? This alone is reason enough to hire Eva today and experience growth in your sales and satisfaction of your customers. With the business consultant, sales and marketing executives you get an end-to-end marketing package that makes sure your products and services are continuously being introduced to new and existing customers.

If you want to hire Eva right away, simply follow this link. If you still need further information, call us on +254 751 773 087 or email us at for a free 30 minute consultation on what your business can gain through Eva.

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