Friday, July 23, 2010


I hope this battery lasts....

I've mentioned in previous posts that I went to more of a concentration camp than a high school. No really it was that bad. Can I hear a shout from all my Rongai Boys peeps. Apart from the usual high school "chores" all students in form 1&2 also had intensive farm duty. I'm talking about at least two hours every morning before breakfast, half day Saturdays, and at least 6 weeks over holidays! The work was not cosmetic either. We ate from the farm and the supervisors ensured it produced. The piggery for obvious reasons was considered the worst but personally I found cutting and chopping 160kg of Napier grass before breakfast for the cow unit far worse. Something far worse though was midwife duty. Apparently pigs need a lotof care when ... birthing... calving... pigling? So when a sow was in 'labour' form one's would take turn at night seeing that when the process began, it went smoothly.

Thus, one very cold, very dark night I was rudely woken at the witching hour to be informed that it was my turn. After persistent unsuccessful attempts by my midwife predecessor to get me to wake up, frustrated he groggily walked off leaving the hurricane lamp and a stern warning of what consequences I faced if I did not take up the baton. Blissfully in my half sleep state I shrugged it off and snuggled deeper into my blankets.

The domino effect was catastrophic! Enough be said that the sow piggled that night and 5 piglets died as there was no one to watch over it and guide the piggling.

I was made aware of this the next morning and now fully awake I remained in mortal fear of my punishment which I doubted would be any less than a suspension.

It was a cruel and stressful time as those days I seemed to move from crisis to crisis. If it wasn't still born piglets it was broken equipment in the lab, or contraband found in my locker. I would spend every day putting out new fires only for more to pop up. It seemed that I could never cut a break.

Strangely and fortunately this time I did get a break. The issue somehow never developed and up to this day I have no idea why but thank the gods nonetheless.

Running my own businesses my firefighting skills are well developed and I have learned to accept it and be positive. These days what might have seemed an insurmountable problem is seen as an opportunity, a business death blow is viewed as challenge. I don't win all the battles but they do keep me fresh, hungry, and energized.

That said, today I face what could be my greatest challenge yet and this time like with the piglings I could do with a break.

The battery lasted! Take that Android!

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