Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Forget Superman, I'm not even Clark Kent

In Form Two at the height of my adolescent self-importance I felt that I knew much more than the (what I thought at that time to be) idiotic teachers who wasted my day when I could be expanding my mind reading Plato. One exception which was sharply brought home though was my American english teacher who had a Belgian name, Ms Koch (we called her Ms. K though, because pronouncing her name for the mandatory greeting of the teacher would have wasted half a lesson). Ms. K knew her stuff and when I tried to impress her by saying that creative writing was my favourite type of writing, she reminded me that all writing is creative.

I remembered Ms. K today as I finally finished today's article of my new daily business blog ( In deed all writing is creative, and is more than just stringing together letters and words. A belated apology then to my "colleague" at Business Daily who I tore into some time back with a post in this blog. On second thought, I take back that 'sorry', the article was crap, there is no redeeming it.

So what was I saying, oh yes that's it. Writing on startupkenya is so much easier because I don't really have to research or interview anyone. As the blog description says, this blog is all about what I think and my thoughts when fired come pretty thick and fast, so its pretty easy to blog. is a bit more objective though and I have to ensure that I get all facts correct before I click on publish. Today marks the 3rd anniversary of (3rd article, yayyy!!!) and I never imagined it would need such super human effort! I'll keep soldiering on though, because there is still so much more to share.

So today, hats off to all those journalists (even the Clark Kents) out there researching and preparing a story to be published to the world through their creative writing.

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