Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Speed Networking...is it like speed dating?

Am a great advocate of networking to get new business. Its the best way especially for small and medium sized businesses to meet the people they need to meet to get business in an inexpensive way. The question is however, how do you choose what networking event to attend. Some of them are downright useless and with my goldfish concentration span most tend to be very boring.

The other day though, I went for a speed networking event organised by AFRI Business Development. The first time i heard about it I was a bit skeptic. We all know about speed dating so speed networking sounded a bit off key in relation to business. Questions going through my mind included..."is it like speed dating where you are able to get a date"?...Ok I know that's a bit simplistic thinking but really it was hard for me to conjure up what speed networking would be all about before I attended.

So i went, not with a business objective in mind but if i am to be honest, out of curiosity. I have to say i was pleasantly surprised. Unlike the conferences I had attended in the past with the intention of networking, this event was fun. More than that usually when i go for events to "network", I usually find myself sticking around people i already know. With speed networking I was able to make new contacts over a very short period and even get business out of some of the contacts. I can still call some of them and tell them, "hey you remember we met at the speed networking event". I was really amazed how a simple concept (almost playful concept) can have such a big impact.

I definitely plan to attend the next one on Monday 16th November. I hope this time around I will get to meet even more people. One thing am sure of though is that this time around I will go prepared with my "elevator speech".

If you want more information on the Speed Networking event being held on 16th contacts Julia at j.adhiambo@afribusinessdevelopment.com


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