Friday, August 28, 2009

Do or Die

When you start a business and its a Do or Die agenda the possibility of you succeeding is much higher than when its done as a side hobby. For instance, if payment for where you stay and what you eat is dependent on the business you are doing, trust me the chances of you failing are reduced substantially.

However, even if Do or Die, I came to discover there are many other additional things that will affect the success of your business. According to the Ministry of Trade (Kenya), those additional things include "being able to craft good strategies that can exploit the opportunities in the environment". These strategies don't just come by you, they are based on theories made practical.

How are we expected to get these theories made practical?

Well its simple! A number of us (small business owners) don't look at training as an asset. Training well done can substantially increase your profitability. And am not talking about an MBA or an talking about very practical workshops that increases your knowledge of the day to day challenges of doing business.

4th September 2009 is therefore an important date to note for SMEs. This is the date when the British High Commission together with AFRI Business Development will kick off a series of trainings that provide practical advice to SMEs. These trainings will include courses in areas such as Starting and Running a Profitable Business, Selling Your Product Successfully, Running a Business from Home and many others. All of the workshops are open to ANYBODY thinking of starting or already running their own business and are suitable to ALL types of business idea.

These trainings should provide you as a business owner the essentials of doing business. Remember when starting and running a business it’s important that one gets the essentials right.

For more information on them contact the trainers at T: (254) 20 2515001, M: (254) 726 057212 or email

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