Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cloning Myself - A job for kenyans

Calling on all Kenyans who might want to become my clone. I've recently embarked on a campaign to re-brand and consolidate all my companies under Genius Centre. If you think you might be up to the challenge of being the new manager, please do apply. The vacancy can be seen below. And please please please, do not apply other than through the provided email address and do not apply on a date later than 15th April 2009.

Genius Centre (“the Centre”) is the home for entrepreneurs in Kenya, where innovative ideas are born, nurtured and developed to be profitable, high growth, and sustainable businesses. Set up by entrepreneurs, this centre has over five years been the base of pioneering and innovative companies that have redefined the business landscape in Kenya. SoftLaw,, Genius Forex, BetOnStocks and among many others have their beginnings at Genius Centre. At the Centre we have provided a wide range of business support services to over 500 businesses: including electronic legal libraries, e-learning, serviced offices, forex trading training, business registration services and many more. Our efforts have been recognized by international bodies: such as the World Bank and IFC; international and local media: including BBC and Nation Media Group; our government and foreign governments.

The Centre is continuously innovating and reinventing itself. Our goal is to strengthen our base and export the concept of Genius Centre locally and abroad. To meet this goal we are looking for a Centre Manager who will take on this challenge. If you believe you meet the strict criteria of this vacancy advertisement please send an application letter and your resume to with the subject heading “GENIUS CENTRE MANAGER”

Genius Centre is an equal opportunity employer.

Title of Role: Centre Manager

Purpose and Scope: The centre manager is responsible for managing the operations and business of the Centre including its subsidiary companies (SoftLaw, Genius Forex etc.) on a day-to-day basis. The Centre Manager will be well versed in business management, information systems management, and cost and financial accounting.

Outputs Expected From the Centre Manager
1. Business operation management, plans and reports
2. Information systems support and reports
3. Financial statements, plans and reports
4. Internal and external communications
5. Efficient utilisation of assets and resources

Skills Required

1. Business Management and Financial Expertise: a degree or diploma from a reputable university in business management; and knowledge of cost and financial accounting is required.
2. Marketing, Public Relations and Sales: the candidate must have at least one year experience and demonstrate ability to market and sell unconventional products.
3. Information Systems Management: at least one year hands-on experience managing a Microsoft Windows XP network with at least twenty network points is required. The candidate must have working knowledge of Microsoft Office computer applications, internet browsers and other common software. Although the candidate is not required to have technical training in network administration; he or she must demonstrate innate understanding of information systems and posses natural troubleshooting skills.
4. Communication Skills: the centre manager must have excellent written and spoken English. He or she must have experience in the preparation of business communication material and should be able to originate and express ideas in a clear and concise manner.
5. Other skills that are not mandatory but will be an advantage are:
a. Strong web programming, graphic design and software engineering skills
b. Demonstrable skills in website SEO and internet marketing.
c. Procurement skills

Personality Attributes
The Centre Manager must posses all the personality attributes below if they are to succeed in their mandate:
1. An IQ of 125 or higher;
2. Very hardworking. The Centre manager should be ready to work in the evenings, weekends, Sundays and public holidays to get the job done;
3. A creative and inquisitive mind and a strong desire to increase their knowledge;
4. An in-depth understanding and very high interest in entrepreneurship and technology;
5. Widely read in diverse and current topics and a habitual reader;
6. Extremely ambitious;
7. Socially active and friendly.
8. Tactful and persuasive;
9. Strong ethics;
10. Well groomed and very well organized;
11. 27 years old or younger;
12. Excellent sense of humour;
13. Physically fit and actively plays one sport.

The successful candidate will be offered a competitive compensation package.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm not going to be applying myself, but I felt that I simply had to leave a comment, seeing as the job description and candidate requirements touch on two issues that I have blogged about in the past:
1) Restrictive Job Requirements
2) Corporate Authoritarianism

Seeing your post in my RSS feed definitely raised some hackles, but that's just my personal philosophy one what businesses should go for in their recruitment and staff retention strategies. Still, good luck in finding someone who is the right fit for your company.

Anonymous said...

Those are 2 or 3 jobs rolled into 1.
Split them up, and you will find your people, and they will be able to take your company to the next level. I suggest reading E-Myth revisited.

Also, curious, would you hire anyone with disabilities (e.g. blind).

Harry Karanja said...


Thanks for your comments, and the links to your blog posts which I read with interest.

I admit that the requirements are restrictive and this is intentional. From past experience I have discovered I get better results when my vacancy ads are more specific. However that said, I would be very impressed and ready to hire anyone who does not necessarily fit my profile but has the galls to apply and take on the challenge.

Harry Karanja said...

@Anon 12:01

You're probably right, this is more than one job. I do need someone who is multi-talented and able to wrap their minds around the diverse businesses I run, without fearing the challenge of doing things outside their area of expertise.

As mentioned in the vacancy ad, I am an equal opportunities employer and I would not discriminate against anyone with disability (blind or otherwise) provided they are qualified for the position.

Unknown said...

I understand why you are asking for this. Very high standards, the same that you have demonstrated throughout you life. Harry you do not just inspire your generation but even generations that are older than you. By the way, how can one learn about your life, may be a book. Could inspire even more

Anonymous said...

Harry, PR is a communication skill while marketing and sales are more business oriented skills. They do not qualify to be in the same category. One is communication while the other is business skills. Just mentioning having a communication skill is enough.

Career Point Kenya said...

Next time you have a job advert, let us know and we will share it among our subscribers.