Saturday, August 25, 2007

Genius features on Business Daily

In case you missed the piece on Genius Executive Centre in the Business Daily here is the link


The Black Mamba said...

Harry, I passed by the Genius center to have a look. The receptionist showed me around. Not that I wanted office space, but I wanted to have a look. While touring, I met a former classmate who has set up an office at your center.

Anonymous said...

I also happen to have based my weight management company in a cybercafe since i mainly use the internet to market the solutions that i offer. This must be a coincidence or is it that great minds think alike. I havent found though, an affordable incubatory service provider. Can Genius help me out?

Anonymous said...

Read your profile about forex trading on bd. Way to go dude! I think Kenyans sometimes are quite slow. Keep stirring us up.

Qu Bo

Unknown said...

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