Monday, February 26, 2007

Updates on Currency Trading

Thank you all for your inquiries on currency trading. Because of the overwhelming response I have received from my post If you have an appetite for risk I'll tell you how to make money, I have decided to prepare a short introductory course on forex trading. I have designed the course for novice traders who would like to see their investments return a profit. The course is free of charge and begins with an e-book which you can contact me for a copy. The e-book is in adobe pdf format, if you don’t have adobe reader you can download it free of charge from their website


The Black Mamba said...

Trust Kenyans to rise up to the ocassion. Wonders never cease!

Harry Karanja said...

Thanks for the link Ssembonge.

Forex trading unlike Vu's "Distressed" properties scheme is a real business with equal opportunities for loss and profit. The scalp trading technique in Forex is unique in its ability to provide a decent income to Kenyans without a high initial capital. As I've mentioned before though, forex trading carries significant risk of loss, especially if one doesn't know what they are doing.

Unknown said...

well my name is TOM from kisii and wish to get information on how to inves in forex
w3hat will it cost me if you manege my investments
you must be among very few people who have taken the rigt direction

ukMethodology Dissertation said...

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Fx-Kratos said...

In response to Tom from Kisii, my name is Gilbert and i am a forex trainer based in Kenya. i work for one of the first forex trading institutions to offer forex training courses, and we are still offering training courses at our trading center located at View Park Towers. contact me on my email for further inquiries on our training services and next class intake session. Thank you.

Forex market said...

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