Monday, February 12, 2007

If you have an appetite for risk I'll tell you how to make money

Kenyans amaze me. We are probably among the most industrious, entrepreneurial, intelligent people in this part of the hemisphere. I continuously meet people who are innovating on new ways to stay ahead of the pack and make some extra coins.

Recently I have been engaged in the newest money-making fad at GEC, currency trading. Currency trading involves the buying and selling of currency pairs (e.g. Euro/US Dollar or Dollar/ Yen) over an interconnected network of banks and dealers. It is the largest and most liquid market in the world (1.5 trillion dollars a day) and operates 24 hours a day from Monday to Friday. Most importantly it is accessible to retail traders (read me and a bunch of other enterprising Kenyans) through a software interface connected through the internet. You can start with as low as $200 (KSh. 14,000) and can conservatively make 10% returns on investments per day! (make $400 (KSh. 28,000) profit in one month from a $200 investment)

When I first heard about it I thought it was a fraud, but currency trading can achieve such high gains using leverages of up to 400:1. It is important though to understand that leverage magnifies both gains and losses and it is easy to lose a substantial amount of money within a very short period. Nevertheless there are strategies to protect your capital, increase your profits and minimize your losses. I was introduced to currency trading by a member at GEC and I am now helping others setup their own trading accounts and employ the above mentioned strategies. With the all-in-one facilities at GEC (high speed internet, computer, office desk and chair) and SoftLaw's financial consulting one can comfortably make a living trading currencies at GEC. If you'd like to know more send an email to


odegle said...

tell me more

Benin said...


Kenyans are amazingly industrious, enterprising, and adept or intelligent at finding ways to make money-you have not led us astray on that one.

This currency trading venture sounds like you are really on to something. That's how George Soros became a billionaire-right? What about folks who are not in Kenya, would they be using the same software interface as the one that you described?

Empower Kenya said...

Forex trading is as said the most traded and largest trading exchange in the world. It requires quite alot of attention and constantly paying attention to market changing treads but it is very lucrative. check these websites out:
some of them have a downloadable demo that you can use to learn about the exchange before putting your hard-earned money into it.

Harry Karanja said...


The software interface is dependent on the forex broker you use to trade. Different brokers have different interfaces but t doesn't matter whether you are in Hong Kong or Kenya or Canada, as long as you are using the same broker you shall trade on the same interface.


Well said and thanks for the links. Anyone interested can also check out

Chapa07 said...

Good work, but would like to know more.

Unknown said...

Agreed Forex is one of the most traded commodities in the world. There are further derivatives on forex which I believe might protect you from the risks of downward movements when holding 'calls'. Also see derivatives on equities such as CFD's. I am not sure whether you can do this from anywhere but good to check out

Unknown said...

Thanks for the information I really find it helpful and I would like to try how to make money online with Forex although currently i dont know how it works.

Anonymous said...

Trade but just don't lose ur shirt. You have to lose a couple of times before u become a pro...Demo trading is the answer. If u are not making money in the demo then take ur money elsewhere coz u will lose everything before u even know what is going on. I have been trading since 2006 February but I dumped it because I found something better to trade. I make $800 per day on a bad day but sometimes I lose upto $2000 dollars on a bad day but overall trading can take u places and again, "There is no free lunch in wall street"

Unknown said...

hey i really wanna know more about thios forex trading thing. can you guys try to help me out.

would anyone offer to help me with links and advice on how to use these softwares, and the demo version.

lets make money pals.

Anonymous said...

It's true Kenyan are entrepreneurial and industrious people, alwayas on the lookout for new ways to earn and internet based opportunities are emerging day after day.

The major limitation has however been difficulty in accepting money online but that may change very soon as paypal start working for us here.

Forex trading sounds like a great idea and will consider giving it a shot.

Thanks for sharing this.


make money online said...

The internet has created many opportunities to make money and I'm happy to see Kenyans embrace them each and every day.

It gets even more encouraging when I hear success stories like yours. Forex trading is one that I was a bit scary of but after reading your post, I think I'll give it a shot.

Thanks and keep up inspiring Kenyans towards greater success.