Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Entrepreneurs hate holidays

It's October 10th today, a holiday that used to be called Moi day or Remembrance day but I'm no longer sure if that is still its name these days. What I am sure about is that it is a holiday, and I hate it. I have a number of entrepreneurs here at GEC who hate it as well. But wait a minute, doesn't everyone love holidays, a chance to relax, take time off, enjoy the fruits of one's labour?

Not entrepreneurs. For an entrepreneur a holiday means: lost opportunities, lost income, absent employees, delayed cheque clearances, delayed deliveries et cetera. Holidays are the number one killers of entrepreneurs.

Don't get me wrong, holidays like Christmas and Easter are welcome, even feted by entrepreneurs. But what's with these irrelevant holidays, what are we celebrating today anyway? Earlier this year there was an even more irrelevant holiday called Prayer day. And let's not forget the dubious "celebration" holiday right after the last general elections.

Understand where I am coming from, with a workforce of 11.85 million, every holiday we lose 94.8 million man hours, or in money terms: 2.4 billion shillings!! (figures from www.cia.gov ) Enough said, ban the irrelevant holidays and lets get back to work.


coldtusker said...

I agree... plus why are we celebrating a day for a crook who did more harm than good?

We should expunge his name from all the schools, streets & definitely the "holiday"...

Will kibz want a day for himself as well?

Anonymous said...

There is an attitude of slacking off after Friday lunch only to resume to normal productivity on Tuesday morning (Monday is always a slow day nursing hangovers). It's obviously wasteful but the under achievement in our country has got to have an explanation. That's something we could borrow from Americans or the Japs, industry. Even Europeans don't get it.