Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Starting a business is not about how intelligent or wealthy one is, but about the practical skills and determination to do what you have to do. Young people in this country need to be show they have skill and talent to turn their lives into something positive.  

Many young people are desperate to turn their lives around but find that they are excluded from formal employment because of their background – a lack of qualifications.They find themselves in a deep hole where all options appear to be closed.

Personally, I think the jobs market is making a permanent shift and that in future people who can offer their own services will be in the strongest position. The traditional workplace, is evolving and there is already a trend towards more work being outsourced, thus the traditional long-term employment can't be relied on. The only way to be secure is to have the skills and knowledge to create security for oneself, and entrepreneur-ism is the way to do this.Starting a business gives young people the chance to make the most of their skills, when traditional routes are blocked.

Creating Economic Possibilities

We at SKY TRUST believe our grass root approach is the key to introducing business to young people who think it is out of their reach. We may not turn things around overnight, but we shall endeavor to offer opportunities for the Kenyan youth to find a new direction.

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