Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Money or Skills??

I would like to take this moment and appreciate the goodwill of His Excellence President Uhuru and his Deputy Vice President Ruto for proposing 6 billion worth of funds to women and youth.

What intrigues me though is whether youth need more money or more skills. Much as giving young people money to start a business so as to create jobs for themselves, is a great move, priority should be place on equipping them with skills that are needed to empower them in that business. 

From observation, it seems that most youth groups, are set up to take out loans because they are available to them, but fail in business, due to lack of cohesion within the group.Because the group was set up for the transaction process (getting the money) its almost impossible for them to make repayments of the loan. Of course not all youth groups go through this, they are some successful stories, but they seem the minority.

Kenya's youth need capacity building (skills), especially on the issue of business management skills. Fortunately, Startup Kenya Youth Trust, is not only about youth economic empowerment, but we also focus on capacity building, that include business ideas, business plans, financial literacy, marketing, and through mentor-ship providing capacity building in leadership, communication, record keeping, adherence to mention just a few. As stewards of the youth in Kenya, we are working towards bringing positive transformation.

Creating Economic Possibilities

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