Sunday, March 03, 2013

My Endorsements for Nairobi County

Like me, I'm sure you must have election fatigue by now. To be quite frank, I have sworn off local media until after I vote. I had also resolved not to publish any more election related posts, but then I read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. The concept of objectivism fascinated me greatly and got me thinking about some of the policies being spewed by candidates for office. As a capitalist nay a compassionate one, I am wary of any politician promising redistribution of wealth. The begging culture (harambee) sadly is a national culture and it is important that we break this habit through our policies and politics.

It is for this reason I have decided to share my endorsements for candidates for Nairobi county as this is where I get my bread and butter.

We start with governor, a powerful new executive position. I will consider the three leading contenders: Kidero, Waititu, and Mbaru. Among the three Kidero gets my endorsement, yes he is haughty but he also has the best combination of skills and experience to enable me to further my business through good policies. Kidero proved his managerial chops with an amazing turnaround of Mumias sugars, which I can confirm has transformed the lives of thousands of people in Western province. Waititu despite his apparent real concern for the downtrodden is disqualified for his failure to respect the rule of law in past altercations and his socialist policies. I don't think the welfare policies proposed by Waititu (which will keep slum dwellers in the slums) is in tandem with my capitalistic views. Mbaru was in charge of NSE when Suntra Stocks, Nyaga Stockbrokers et al defrauded thousands of investors, when it really matters he's shown he'll side with his rich buddies. Plus he doesn't have to be governor to build the 500,000 houses, he's rich enough let him risk his billions and maybe I'll take a look at him in 2017.

Let's skip senator for now and go to Woman rep. Here the choice is tough. I find Esther Passaris and Rachel Shebesh both highly intelligent, capable, and ambitious women. However put to the wire, Passaris squeezes out a win. Chalk it to Shebesh's bad behaviour banging doors at IEBC. Rule of law is very important.

Sonko vs. Wanjiru for Senator. No thanks I will abstain and pray for a by-election. Both have enough cases that can fell them anyway.