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The most underpriced real-estate in the world!

When we are young most of us dream of being rich and famous. I was no exception and I made sure I started working towards this early in my youth. I sold contraband, got three jobs, started a business, and did consultancy, trying to add up the shillings and cents to meet my goal. At some point though (especially after finishing college) I discovered that sometimes the goal was just getting by. The reason I'd wake up in the morning, get myself to the office, answer calls and emails, meet clients and suppliers, write reports and proposals, balance books, was just to make payroll and rent. And even when the money came, it didn't bring any satisfaction, after spending  16 hour days doing the same-old, same-old.

When my business finally gained stem I really thought I had escaped the rat race, but by settling back into a routine just to 'survive' I realized that all I had done was change lanes. To further drive home the futility of it all someone told me that the worst thing about a rat race, is that even when you win, you're still a rat.

..and being a rat, you might end up like my friend here 

Q: So how do you break out of the rat-race.
A: You make sure you never get into it in the first place.

Different folks have their way of ensuring that they do not slide into the monotony and repetition of the rat race. Today I'll share with you a method that will not only save you from a rodent's existence but can potentially make you very wealthy.

The secret is real-estate.

No, not that real-estate which is measured in acres and hectares and in Kenya has been acquired mainly through patronage, sycophancy, and grabbing. For many of us born after 1980 and with slim chances of inheritance, that type of real-estate (at least in sizeable quantities) remains a scarce commodity.

The real-estate I'm talking about is the that found on the World Wide Web. As we move into the future, the hot properties will be those in cyberspace, where instead of acres and hectares we measure value by eyeballs and clicks. The best thing about this real-estate is that it is available and accessible at a very low cost. A domain name usually costs under than a thousand shillings per year ($12.50) to register and hosting is not much more. From there you simply need to put up a property (website with content) and if your property is good you should start getting tenants (visitors and users).

So to escape my version of the rat-race, I have been amassing this 'space' and constructing all sorts of 'property' to get 'tenants'. And today I welcome you as tenants to my latest property Unlike most car sites, which either ask you to list your car for a fee or free and sell it for you, buys cars from Kenyans and pays instant cash. As a pioneering service, we hope to grow and learn with our tenants and inject some vibrancy into Kenya's used (reconditioned) cars market.

Welcome and enjoy your stay


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