Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Chapos and Chicken

Ok you are probably wondering; WHAT, is this going to be? ramblings on food... or what? Well... yes but not in the way you think. This week I was doing a project for a restaurant. I know, mmmhh restaurant. It was one of those projects consultants like me get once in a while and think, yeah i like - where meetings are done in the main restaurant hall over tea and hors d'oeuvre.

It was also a good opportunity to participate in a non-conventional business. To use innovation in a nondescript script. Some of you might know the restaurant am talking about, KPs located on Utali lane, yes next to Mwenda's. It's been there for some time but received a full face-lift in January with the change of ownership. I'm not being paid to say this but they have the best chips masala and cocktail juice.

....Ok now moving away from my food ramblings and back to the business part. Restaurant as businesses are not an easy thing to work. As an unconventional business, the owners are required to not only meet the technical business aspect but be creative in their service delivery. It's business meets entertainment and the smiles associated with this part.

The point being...well business is not only a suit and paper agenda. There is a whole world out there of business that involves a goofy white hat and aprons that we sideline in the hard core business arena. KPs for me was a opportunity to see someone doing what they like and make a business out of it. From this I came out with this wise advice..."don't let desks and swiveling chairs be the criteria for defining business in your book, go for what you enjoy doing and invite consultants like us to help you put the hard core business structure around your idea".

There will be a networking meeting (speed networking) for professionals at KPs on 19th of this month (yes a monday) from 6pm. Entrance is FREE. Go and check it out. For more information on it contact Julia at

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