Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Kibaki is a joker!


A national holiday to celebrate the election of a US president? Am I the only one who sees this for the asinine decision it is? So what if Barack Obama's father is from Kenya? Is it justification to lose KSh. 3.8 Billion (on an economy of KSh. 1.4 trillion)? You don't see the US making tomorrow a holiday, even though the election of Barack Obama is much more historic and relevant to them.

This Kibaki government is a bunch of lazy, work-phobic, selfish, politics-first fellas who are totally unsuited to meet the challenges of Kenya's economic growth. That's what you get when you elect a bunch of doddering old men!



Anonymous said...


Even as we celebrate Obama’s success story, even as we with fingers closed wait for his inauguration as the 1st half black President of the USA. We need as Kenyans to ask ourselves this fundamental question. What has been our contribution to Obama Success?

His BIOLOGICAL father was a Kenyan, who however abandoned his son and escaped any responsibilities of child support. Infact Obama confesses that he learnt more form his Kenyan ‘father’ absence than from his presence. This is kenya’s EMBARASSMENT NO. 1. So his real father was the parents who took Obama in and saw him through his childhood and teenage years giving him the values that he now holds. That’s the reality Kenyans.

His ‘Cousin’ Raila has all along been a source of discredit to his good reputation. Raila with his VIOLENT NATURE, COMMUNIST ORIENTATIONS, MUSLIM ASSOCIATIONS have all been used against Obama. Infact, Raila in himself has cost Obama some support and Obama campaign team had to work hard to show how distant in thinking and association these two men are. This is Kenya’s EMBARASSMENT 2. It has not gone unnoticed to the Mc Cain campaign team that Raila call for mass protest in Kenya led to over 1500 deaths. This explains why Obama banished Raila from any visits to his campaign or why Obama campaign team has consistently turned down on 4 occassions RAILA’S MONETARY CONTRIBUTIONS totaling 40,000 USD.

Obama’s Aunt who also happen to be Kenyan has been an illegal immigrant in US for a while. This was also ANOTHER EMBARRASSMENT from yet another Kenyan.
Infact, we OWE OBAMA AN APOLOGY AS A COUNTRY. With all these bad publicity from Kenya’s heritage, Obama has been understanding enough not to talk ill of us. For that we should be grateful.

Looking on the other side, Obama’s real family in the US has been a SOURCE OF INSPIRATION AND GOOD PUBLICITY. Yet, they have been quite about it as we in Kenya tell the whole world how Kenyan Obama is.


Anonymous said...

On a light note: After yesterdays celebrations - people were probably too drunk to go to work anyway:)

Anonymous said...

I see absolutely nothing wrong with losing those billions to celebrate someone who recognizes US as part of HIM. Common sense & national pride allows us to also consider HIM one of US. It's that simple, that real.

About those billions we lose today? Well, how about we add up all those billions we allow the same politicians to steal every month while we're busy working 25-30 days while they only work about 5?

How about we add up the billions they share out among themselves and consume in much-un-needed amenities at our expense?

They give no reason to celebrate, none at all. If Obama inspires us so much & is so much like us.I say, let's take the day off and enjoy it the rest of the world. One of us has earned it for us and we've given back to him.

I know for a fact we have bcoz myself and many around me went door to door, contributed, attended rallies in rain, snow and scorching heat and shared his message with undecided voters who crossed the line eventually.

Congrats Obama, a Kenyan-American we're proud of bcoz he's proud of us too.

Anonymous said...

Relax, this over critism of taking a day off is being over done. All I see is Obama is a symbol of unity for all Kenyans. All kenyans of different backgrounds, ethnic communities, race are happy and overjoyed on Obama's win. Let the take a day off and bond with each other and forget how divided they became following last years botched elections. After all the people of Nyanza get a party that they had hoped for but missed earlier this year. Then tomorrow it will be business as usual and people will put more input and productivity as they return to work refreshed.

brandkemistry said...

i think that whole story of loss of productivity to the economy is just a pessimistic look at the issues at hand. I agree that an Obama victory has brought different Kenyans from all walks of life together to celebrate. A happier nation is a more productive nation and we are happier so we will be more productive.

As for Kenya being an embarassment to the Obama Campaign you can not be more farther from the truth. Obama sought to establish his links to his father so as to improve his likeability to the African Americans and all other groups in the states as well. He sought to find his father, Kenya did not look for him. Once he had established that link it gave him the appeal needed to propel the whole story of the American dream. So what if his father did not fend for him? Im still proud he has Kenyan blood in him...and for that reason i have no problem celebrating...

Unknown said...

Hi, in the midst of all the happenings over the week-another 'WE CAN DO IT!YES!'-about the Nakuru IDPs.such spirited minds could create a very changed environment sometime to come-probably Obamas in-kind.
How many times has a clip ran on news with"...tunataka serikali itufanyie...."


Anonymous said...

Barack Obama...the skinny guy with a funny, or so he said of himself during the campaign trail. Anyway, whatever you make of him, on thing stands out very clear...Kenyan politicians are yet to nurture the mentality for true you notice something about US politics? The economy takes the limelight...create and secure jobs, do something about the dollar, and for God's sake never forget health care. In Kenya, it's always a power struggle, who will rule, and have the biggest piece of the cake? If Obama's victory has challenged our thinking, people (read: Martha Karua) should stop yapping about 2012, and really start working. The media could also do us a favor and stop feeding us verbal crap from a bunch of overgrown cry babies. Our politicians don't want to pay taxes, have far too many luxurious cars, and too much airtime to abuse each other. We have barely recovered from the post-election violence. Hundreds died, many lost their livelihood and all the time the media is busy showing us the never ending bickering.As Kenyans jubilate over Obama's victory, let them put in mind never to vote in this lot again. Parliament is meant for leaders who will lead this nation into greatness. Right now it is full of people thinking about themselves. Did you see Kivuitu insisting he will not leave office? What's the number one CEO saying? Nothing as usual!

Harry Karanja said...

just for the record, I'm pro-Obama and this article was anti-kibaki.

Anonymous said...

lets not be afraid of criticising Obama! Support him but the guy has flaws that we tend to overlook. He didnt introduce any new legislature that was new in the few years in senate thats a weakness (its okay to say so....) once he becomes president we want there to be critics so that he always on top of his game. Too many Kenyan folks singing praises and not looking at the problem of elevating a politician.....