Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hello all Startups

Hi, finally I've posted my first blog! Been wanting to do this for a long time but lazily never got around to it. I'm an entrepreneur of sorts and my blog will concentrate on entrepreneurship in Kenya. You're all welcome to post comments.


Anonymous said...

hey Harry
you got some really good insight about Kenya entrepreneurship, there is also a good website that provides good information, advice and resources for Kenya small businesses, its pretty cool

startupkenya said...


Thanks for the link, I visited it but find how to access the info - no links visible :( It looks like a real good idea and I would love to participate somehow, let me know.

Anonymous said...

hey harry
inorder to access the website you will need to register and become a member its free.


startupkenya said...

Hi Dav,

Visited but first thing I got was a prompt for username and password. Wasn't able to get past that. Is there anything I'm missing?


proudly kenyan said...

Hi all,

Have a look at the website Its idea is to have an african virtul department store. Your views on it?